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Capture the QUEEN OF HEARTS Raffle
— A progressive 50/50 raffle benefiting Old St. Mary’s School Official RULES OF THE GAME*


54 playing cards (including two (2) Jokers) are placed face down on a board, the board is sealed, and the cards are numbered 1 through 54. The playing board is purchased, already sealed and numbered, from an outside vendor. The location of the QUEEN OF HEARTS card is unknown to all, including any employees of Old St. Mary’s School, Krolls South Loop Restaurant and the OSM QUEEN OF HEARTS Committee.

Each week, eligible players can participate by purchasing tickets and guessing which number, 1 through 54, the QUEEN OF HEARTS is behind. Proceeds from the ticket sales will go in the jackpot.

On PULL day, one ticket will be drawn from the qualified tickets purchased that week. The card on the QUEEN OF HEARTS board correlating to the guessed number written on the pulled ticket will be unsealed and turned face up. If the card turned face up is the QUEEN OF HEARTS, the game is over and the winner takes the GRAND PRIZE: 50% of the accumulated jackpot. Old St. Mary’s School will receive the other 50% of the accumulated jackpot. The winner need not be present at the time of the drawing to win the GRAND PRIZE.

If the card turned face up is not the QUEEN OF HEARTS, the card will remain face up on the board for the remainder of the game and the number becomes unavailable for future play. The jackpot will roll over to the next week, all tickets from the week’s sales will be discarded, and ticket sales for the next week’s drawing will begin 30 minutes after draw time.

If the pulled ticket holder is present (verified with ID) at the time of the drawing, they will win $100, an additional $200 if the card revealed is a face card (Jack, Queen or King), an additional $300 if the card revealed is a Joker. The additional $100 or $200 prizes will not be awarded if the QUEEN OF HEARTS is revealed.

If the Joker appears before the Queen is revealed, the board resets for the next week**

The total prize jackpot will continue to accumulate weekly until the QUEEN OF HEARTS is revealed. The jackpot amount, based on ticket sales and game play payouts, will be updated twice a week and prominently displayed in Kroll’s South Loop and on social media outlets.

A generic QUEEN OF HEARTS game board will be displayed in Kroll’s South Loop. The official board will be locked up at all times, except when it is brought out for the official weekly PULL.

The PULL will occur at 7PM every Thursday at Krolls South Loop¸ 1736 S Michigan Ave, Chicago (unless otherwise posted).

Winner of the GRAND PRIZE will need to provide proper identification and complete IRS form W2G. In addition, IRS requires a withholding of 28% of the winnings less the amount of the wager. Winnings will not be distributed until the W2G is signed and received by Old St. Mary’s School (attn: Lisa Galullo). If the winner is unwilling or unable to provide any of the listed items, the prize money will revert to OId St. Mary’s School. Once documentation is received, it may take up to two weeks for winner payout to occur.

If the jackpot exceeds $4,000,000, draw down rules*** will apply on the next pull day. A maximum payment of $2,000,000 will go to the GRAND PRIZE winner.

Should the jackpot reach the cap, any funds over the legal allowable payout will be retained as the starting pot for the next game of QUEEN OF HEARTS.

The starting jackpot is $20,000 plus tickets sales prior to the drawing, to be split 50/50 between the GRAND PRIZE winner and Old St. Mary’s School.


Raffle tickets are sold at three (3) tickets for $5. There is no limit on the number of tickets that may be purchased or sold. Tickets will only be sold to eligible winners: players 18 years or older. No single tickets will be sold.

Tickets may be purchased up until 30 minutes prior to the Thursday night drawing and ticket sales for the following week’s drawing can begin 30 minutes post draw time.

Each ticket entered must include name of eligible winner (person over 18), working telephone number and the number of the available card/space you are guessing. There can be only one name per ticket. Do not write nicknames or abbreviations. Information must be written legibly. If the ticket drawn is illegible, the ticket will be discarded and a new ticket will be drawn from the drum.

It is the player’s responsibility to deposit completed tickets in the locked box provided. Tickets will be secured daily and placed in the raffle drum on draw day.

If there is not a number on the chosen ticket, or if the number on the ticket is unavailable, we will start with card/space #1 and move to the next available open card to reveal.

Tickets may only be purchased with cash.

Tickets will be available for purchase through the bartender, host stand or OSM volunteer at Kroll’s South Loop during open business hours and at some OSM School gatherings.


In the event a draw down is required, normal gaming procedures will be followed; one (1) ticket will be pulled, the correlating number unsealed and card revealed. If not the QUEEN OF HEARTS the ticket will be discarded and another ticket will be selected. If the next pulled ticket has a requested number not available on the game board, we will start with card/space #1 and move to the next available open card to reveal. If the QUEEN OF HEARTS is not revealed, the ticket will be discarded and another ticket will be selected from the drum. This will continue until the winning ticket is pulled and the QUEEN OF HEARTS is revealed.

* If you do not agree with the Rules of the Game, there is no obligation to play.

**Board reset will be exercised at the discretion of Old St. Mary’s School and may only occur once during the duration of the game.

Old St. Mary’s School reserves the right to amend these rules as needed prior to any new week’s tickets sales or to terminate the game at their discretion. In the event termination is required, ticket sales will continue until the next PULL day and draw down rules will apply until the QUEEN OF HEARTS is revealed and the GRAND PRIZE is awarded.

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